Is the economy really the most important thing when casting our ballots?
Looking back on the recent midterm elections reveals a disturbing pattern. Even if you’re happy with the results, you should bevoting booth disturbed by the driving force behind the majority voters’ decisions. As was expected, the economy far out-shadowed all other considerations. Social (moral) issues were toward the bottom of the “important issues” list. There seems to be a disconnect between the economic and social-moral issues as if they are unrelated.

lifeTake the abortion issue for example. The argument is usually around the so-called right to choose or whether the fetus is actually a person. How about discussing the economic impact of eliminating some 50 million future tax-paying citizens from our nation’s “economic machine”? You can’t eliminate 20% of a nation’s population without some serious economic repercussions. Those who have studied this issue in depth claim that if all the babies who have been aborted since the Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973 had lived and become productive members of the American society, their contributions in taxes and productivity would kept Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid solvent and drastically reduced our national debt.

As you can see from my logo, my meme (slogan, motto) is “It’s All Connected.” Nothing we do or think stands completely alone. Ten CommandmentsThis is why the Ten Commandments are as brief and simple as they are. Obeying these ten directives results in benefits in all other areas of life. When we don’t murder 50 million innocent babies, lives are saved, economies grow, society is blessed by the gifts these people bring to the table and most important, God is pleased. When God is pleased, He showers His people with blessings, because it is His nature to do so.

Innocent bloodThe opposite is just as true. When God is not pleased, He fulfills the warnings He has clearly given. There’s no way He can be pleased by the shedding of innocent blood on such a massive scale. That issue alone gives God sufficient cause to withhold His blessings and even bring judgment. My point, however, is that those of us who value life and oppose all forms of abortion now have additional ammunition to prove how destructive abortion is to a society. If voters are primarily concerned about the economy, then the simple lesson of this article offers a powerful argument as to why abortion should be stopped, the nation should repent, and God may show us mercy once again.