This issue looks at more terror plots in Israel, a possible 9/11 attack before Christmas, some historical and inspiring videos, a disappointing Disney decision, and more.

News from The Jerusalem Prayer Team Teddy Kollek Stadium
Israeli Shin Bet Security Forces recently broke up a major terror plot to carry out an attack on the Teddy Kollek Stadium in Jerusalem. This beautiful soccer facility is named for my dear friend, the former mayor of Jerusalem. Israeli forces seized bomb-making equipment, guns and ammunition from a terrorist team that had been trained in a number of foreign countries and then smuggled into Gaza through tunnels from Egypt. They were in the final preparations for carrying out the attack that was intended to create mass casualties when security teams arrested those involved in the plot.

Jews expelledWATCH: 800,000 Jews expelled from Arab states after 1948

News from The Israel Project
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday announced that the country would hold Knesset elections in the coming months, following prolonged friction between partners in the leader’s coalition.

Foreign investors from more than half a dozen major automobile corporations flocked to Tehran this



week to participate in the country’s auto show, driving concerns that the Iranian economy is steadily recovering amid a de-escalation in sanctions pressure on the Islamic republic.

Abbas speaking


Abbas: Palestinians will never recognize Israel as Jewish state
Speaking to Arab League, PA president accuses Israel of setting up apartheid state, says Palestinians can’t wait any longer for statehood. Read more.

WATCH: Israel’s UN Ambassador Ron Prosor speaks truth to power when he stands up against the UN’s bias and hypocrisy.


Bloody Christmas: ‘Spectacular Attack’ Alert Twin Towers Burning PAID reports: Another coordinated terror attack using jetliners, reminiscent of 9/11, could be in the works, according to an airport-security source cited by a London paper. “We’ve been told that five planes are being targeted in a high-profile hit before Christmas,” the source said, according to the Express newspaper of London. “They’ve been waiting for the big one.” Read more.

Why Muslims Are Converting to Christ in the Face of ISIS Atrocities reports: Atrocities by the Islamic State (ISIS) are softening the hearts of Muslims to Christianity, and evangelistic techniques and technologies are proving effective, but locally-based missionaries say the main reason for the spike in conversions in the Middle East is simply that former Muslims are finding God is real. Read more.

Child Martyrs

Child Martyrs

Before Beheading, Children Tell ISIS “We Love Jesus”: Bishop of Baghdad Relates Horrific Martyrdom reports: (Iraq)- When Islamic State militants threatened four children in Iraq-all under the age of 15-with death if they did not promise to follow Islam’s “prophet” Muhammad, they defiantly stated, “No. We love Yasua (Jesus). We have always followed Yasua.”  Read more.

PHOTOS: Faces of Kobani’s Horror-Stricken Refugees
The Tower Magazine’s photographer takes you to the Turkish-Syrian border, where more than 150,000 civilians fleeing ISIS have gathered to await the fate of what may be a final stand. See photos.

AP: U.S. Working with Syrian Terrorists terrorist rage reports: They hid it under a misleading headline, but the Associated Press admits the U.S. is sponsoring Jihadists and Syrian terrorists. Read more.

Muslim Religious Leader says Saying Merry Christmas is Worse than Murder reports: Think you can coexist with the Muslim community? Then you probably haven’t heard what this western Islamic religious leader has to say about the horror that is… saying “Merry Christmas.” Read more.

blood bankObama FDA Considers Lifting Ban on Sodomites Donating Blood reports: Again, this is another move under the Obama administration to put the American public in danger while promoting what is clearly an unhealthy lifestyle. The Food and Drug Administration advisors will be meeting the first week in December to talk about lifting a thirty year old prohibition on sodomites donating blood… Groups such as the American Red Cross and America’s Blood Centers voiced support for the policy change this month, calling the ban “medically and scientifically unwarranted.” The American Medical Association voted to end the ban last summer. Read more.

Disney Blocks References to ‘God’ on Disney Channelmickey mouse reports: A 10-year-old North Carolina girl is publicly shaming the Disney Channel after the network said her thanking God on its website was tantamount to profanity. Read more.

transgender-bathroom-2Pentagon Cozies up to Transgender Troops reports: A new report from a think tank that promotes transgenderism has revealed that the U.S. military has dropped a standard that until recently put transgender individuals on an automatic course that resulted in their dismissal from the ranks. And the report’s message is in its title, “Military services have failed to comply with new Defense Department rules on transgender personnel.” Read more.

Govt. Hiring Thousands of New Federal Employees to Immediately Approve Applications for Obama’s Executive Amnesty

11 Facts About the Eric Garner Case the Media Will Not Tell You

Obama Administration Official Admits that He Lied to Congress about Deporting Illegals


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