How shall we fulfill our calling as a watchman on the walls of Jerusalem?
I believe God has called every believer to be a watchman on the walls—a caretaker of the House of Israel.

watchman of the wallOn your walls, O Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen;
All day and all night they will never keep silent.
You who remind the LORD, take no rest for yourselves;
And give him no rest until he establishes and makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth
(Isaiah 62:6-7).

This is why I post the news and articles related to Israel. I feel called to alert the Body of Christ to her obligation to protect, defend and nourish the House of Israel. Our fate is directly connected to Israel, but we should fulfill our obligation simply because God calls us to do so, not because of what’s in it for us. Yet, God does say there will be benefits—blessings to those who bless Israel. The flip side is also true—curses to those who curse Israel (Gen 12:3).

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One of our primary obligations as believer in the Jewish Messiah is to be an intercessor—praying for the Jewish people and their leaders. One of the reasons I try to keep you updated on what’s happening in Israel is so you will know how to pray. The verse above from Isaiah looks ahead to the Millennial Kingdom and the restoration of Israel. It’s going to happen, but God is calling us to pray to bring it about. As is often the case in Scripture, He won’t act until His people pray. He wants us to partner with Him in carrying out His sovereign will for Israel and for us. It’s part of our training to rule and reign with Christ. There is no better way to prepare for this awesome responsibility than to start partnering with the Most High God by praying His will into existence.

In all honesty, my concern for Israel was not my idea. God implanted it into my heart. This is why I don’t expect everyone to beJerusalem panorama 2 interested in the same things I find fascinating and worthy of study. However, considering the Lord’s love for Israel and His commands to all followers of Christ, I urge you to consider asking God to show you how you can be a better watchman in your own personal area of influence. I would start by asking God to direct you as to how you can be a better intercessor. Here are some suggestions:
1.    Every time you read something regarding Israel, immediately commit it to prayer.
2.    Pray daily that Israel’s leaders would learn to depend on God for their protection.
3.    Pray that Israel’s leaders would call for a time of fasting and prayer for God’s protection.
4.    Pray that God would defend His reputation as protector of Israel.

God never holds back when His people ask Him for direction in fulfilling His mandates. He will show us what He wants us to do as well as how it is to be done. Israel desperately needs our prayers. We must fulfill our calling!