This issue looks at the Paris attack, Muslim no-go zones in America, another key Muslim appointee, the high price for criticizing Islam, and more.

Israel Nabs ISIS Cell in Hebron map Hebron
IND Weekley reports: According to Israel Today magazine, Israel’s military censor has cleared for publication the recent arrest of a terrorist cell claiming affiliation with ISIS in the town of Hebron. The Shabak (Israel’s equivalent of the FBI) worked together with the IDF in November to track and successfully arrest the terror cell, which was made up of Palestinian residents of Hebron. ISIS cells are now everywhere, including the United States, and as I write, there’s a possibility that it was an ISIS cell that just killed 12 people in Paris.

News from The Israel Project
Turkey’s top diplomat on Wednesday said that Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal was free to come to Turkey, following conflicting reports earlier this week that Meshaal was forced out of Qatar, where he has lived for several years.

The State Department on Wednesday faced a barrage of questions about the status of Iran negotiations after the Iranians announced that they would expand their nuclear program and take action against an American journalist imprisoned in the country.

The Hero of Vincennes-Muslim saves Jewish lives in kosher market terror attack
We wanted you to come here alive laments president as four Paris victims buried

Survivors of Attack at Paris Kosher Market Recount Harrowing Ordeal; Terrorist Threatened to Kill “All the Jews, Christians and Infidels” reports: “He started to give us a speech on how he would kill all of the Jews, Christians and infidels, and said he was from ISIS [Islamic State]. I let him scream like a dog as I calmed everyone down.” -Eli Vaknin, terrorist attack survivor. Read more.

Rabbi Michael Lerner Compares Islamic Extremists to Christians in US Congress reports: Rabbi Michael Lerner wrote the following in the Huffington Post: “I fear those fundamentalist extremists just as much as I fear the Jewish extremists who have threatened my life and the Christian extremists who are now exercising power over the U.S. Congress. Every form of violence outrages and sickens me.” Read more.


Ex-NYPD Detective: Muslim-Only ‘No Go Zones’ Could Come to US Muslim no-go zones 1 reports: “I think this is actually a strategy that is slowly being implemented worldwide by radical Islam,” Harry Houck, a private investigator and retired NYPD detective, told “The Steve Malzberg Show,” describing a process of gradual takeover that he said is key to the Islamists’ dream of world dominion. Read more.

Islam Trojan Horse CartoonNancy Pelosi Appoints Muslim André Carson to House Intelligence Committee reports: Keep this story [the Trojan Horse] in mind as you read about how “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., will appoint the first Muslim member to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which deals with sensitive information on America’s war against terrorism.” Read more.

Anjem Choudary

Anjem Choudary

Anjem Choudary: Criticize Islam, You Die

Islam cartoon faceIslamic Terrorist Killings “Have Nothing to Do” with Islam? reports: The French president, Francois Hollande, declared that the Islamic terrorist killings are unrelated to “the Muslim Religion.” Read more.

Merkel Condemns “Hate,” then German Newspaper Burned molotov-cocktail
Police in Germany have detained two men suspected of an arson attack early today against a newspaper that republished the cartoons of French weekly Charlie Hebdo. It was not that long ago that Angela Merkel went on TV and tried to embarrass her German countrymen to keep them from participating in rallies that objected to the Islamization of the West. Read more.

Michigan Public School Board Allows Muslims to Pray
Muslims reports: The Michigan Public School Board gives Muslim students special privileges not allowed to Christians. “Stirring up the Constitutional storm, once again, is the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Michigan chapter, which has reached a ‘negotiated’ settlement with the school board in Dearborn, a suburb of Detroit, which will give Muslim kids so-called ‘prayer accommodations’ in Dearborn Public Schools. Read more.

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Houston Lesbian Mayor Claims Pastors have no Right to a Jury Trial

Obama Will Fight Media to Stop Anti-Jihad Articles

Canadian Man Gets 18 Months in Jail for saying Islam is Evil


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