This issue looks at the Pope’s momentous pronouncement, how climate change will be used to advance the new world order, and more.

Hamas calls cold-blooded murder “heroic operation”

Hamas Weapons Training

Hamas Weapons Training

The Jerusalem Prayer Team reports: The Obama Administration and much of the Western world blame Israel for a lack of peace in the Middle East. Yet, when a Palestinian terrorist murdered a young Jewish student in cold blood last weekend, Hamas-the group that was voted into power by the Palestinian people-issued a statement praising the attack. “We welcome the unique and heroic operation that took place near Ramallah. We, and with us all our people, view with the utmost respect and admiration those pure hands who held on to the resistance and turned their fire toward the occupier.”

News from The Israel Project

Iran’s breakout time under the emerging deal would be far less than the Obama administration’skerry iran estimate of one year, according to Alan J. Kuperman, associate professor and coordinator of the Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Project at the University of Texas in Austin. Writing in The New York Times, Kuperman argues that under the framework reached in Lausanne, the actual breakout time – the time needed to accrue enough enriched uranium for one nuclear weapon – would be approximately three months.

Yesterday [Monday], the UN released its report on last summer’s conflict with Hamas. It was as anti-Israel as one would expect – falsely drawing a moral equivalency between a terror group and a democracy trying to protect its citizens. Now is a critical moment for Israel, America, and the world. If the libel that Israel is a war criminal is allowed to stand, international pressure could keep Israel from defending its citizens during the next attack.

Will you help get the facts out? Add your name to over 30,000 people who signed the letter calling on the UN to expose Hamas war crimes. Click here to defend Israel.

Iran leader dramatically toughens ‘red lines’ for nuclear dealNorth Korea nuclear test - Copy reports: Khamenei rules out long-term limitations on program, demands right to continue R&D, in breach of previous Lausanne agreement. Read more.

Soldier from Operation Protective Edge responds to UN report: ‘We have paid for morality in blood’ reports: Captain (res.) Dor Matot, who fought last summer in Shejaiya, responds to the UNHRC report and explains “humanitarian considerations in Gaza cost us in blood.” Read more.


Something is coming. I don’t know what. But we must be ready. Here’s the key question: Is America heading towards a terrible implosion or a great awakening?
Joel Rosenberg reports: The United States is hurtling towards severe trouble, and the events of the past few months – and what may be coming over the next few months – grieves me a great deal. Something is coming. I don’t know what. But we all must be ready in every possible way. Read more.

Pope Francis Calls For A New Global Political Authority To Save HumanityPope francis climate reports: Pope Francis says that global warming is a fact and that a new global political authority is necessary in order to save humanity from utter disaster.  The new encyclical that was scheduled to be released on Thursday has been leaked, and it is being reported that this new global political authority that Pope Francis envisions would be in charge of “the reduction of pollution and the development of poor countries and regions.”  Read more.

Vatican Locked Out Catholic Scientist from Summit as he Challenged their ‘Science’ on Climate Change

Ohio: Muslim Was Ready to ‘Cut Off the Head of His Non-Muslim Son’ to Prove His Worth as a Muslimbeheading reports: To show his devotion to the Islamic State terror group, and to Islam as a whole, an Ohio man arrested on Friday told an informant that he would cut off the head of his own biological son-akin to the beheadings carried out by Islamic State (ISIS) fanatics in the Middle East-to prove his worth as a Muslim, an FBI complaint against the man alleges. In another conversation with an undercover informant, Al-Ghazi said he was convinced his faith allowed him to “behead Christians, Jews, and Atheists,” the testimony against the terror suspect said. Read more.

The Obama Administration Declares That Muslim Jihadists Can Join American Military Forces To Be Trained By US Soldiersmilitary reports: The Obama administration has now given an invitation to jihadists to join military forces in the Middle East to be trained by US troops so that they can learn how to fight against Bashar al-Assad… I would not doubt for a moment that these trained jihadists will use their American training against US citizens in America. Read more.

Could You Show Your Love to an ISIS Fighter?

EPA Chief says ‘Climate Deniers’ not Normal Human Beings

Obama Prepares More Executive Actions On Global Warming

The People of Iran Demand Change

Oxford University Press Bans Word “Pork” So As Not To Offend Muslims

Charleston Church Shooting Incites Black Power Speech and the Call for Widespread Murder


Look what happens when we cut down too many trees.
Global warming is one thing, but look at what is happening if we continue to clear our forests! We have to stop cutting down trees! This is getting really serious!
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