The Supreme Court’s decision on marriage will cost America dearly.
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What are Christians to make of the Supreme Court’s ruling declaring same-sex marriages legal in all fifty states? I am writing this after having just listened to our President predictably applaud the decision as a victory for the people of America and for the nation as a whole. It struck me that his rationale in defending the decision was exactly what our founders sought to avoid. We were established as a Democratic Republic—a society based on the rule of law which would be carried out by democratically elected representatives. Eight words in the Declaration of Independence point to the basis of our laws:Declaration of Independence

“The laws of nature and of nature’s God.” Originally, our laws were based on the Bible. They were seen as immutable laws established by the Almighty. These unchanging laws were to be established and maintained forever, since neither God nor His laws change. The purpose was to prevent laws from being influenced by public opinion or changing cultural values that may be in direct opposition to God’s desires.

The very thing our founding fathers worked so hard to prevent is exactly what has happened, and our President’s arguments, as well as the majority opinion of SCOTUS, shows how far we have drifted from where we began. He applauded the court’s willingness to adapt to the changing times and said that America should be very proud of the decision, which has made our union a little more perfect.   As I listened to the commentators opine regarding the decision, one viewpoint was noticeably omitted—God’s. One talking head, self-identified as an evangelical Christian, hailed the decision as a victory for the right since it supposedly protected religious freedom and equality, allowing people to choose whom they would marry without interference by the government.

I hope that in the coming days, Christian leaders will publicly denounce the decision for the moral gay marriage ceremonyfailure that it is—a decision of mortal men (and women) that flies in the face of God. Without going into a dissertation on marriage, suffice it to say that marriage was designed and established by God, not the state, and it represents far more that a union between people who claim to love each other. It is a representation of the unbreakable union between Christ and His bride, the Church. Perversion of earthly marriage perverts the holy heavenly marriage. There is far more at stake here than whether same-sex marriages are legal. Whether they are recognized by earthly legal authorities is of little consequence. If these marriages are not recognized by God, a heavy price will be paid. God will not be mocked.

Gay Manifesto

Just because pastors will not be prosecuted for not performing these “marriages” doesn’t mean that we can breathe a big sigh of relief. The militant gay community will certainly seize the moment and begin the next phase. Ten years ago, such a decision was unthinkable, but here we are. It’s only a matter of time until the law will be twisted or reinterpreted to mean that any efforts to stifle the civil rights of gays and lesbians will be a federal offense. Christian pastors will become targets.

The gay lobby has been effective in swaying political and public opinion. Soon, anyone opposing the gaygays in military 1 agenda will be a small minority and will be persecuted for expressing such “unloving” views. PDAs (public displays of affection) between gays and lesbians will no doubt increase. Our children will grow up witnessing this stuff and, unless they are taught otherwise, will come to accept it. Now is the time for Christians to educate their children on this matter before it’s too late.

History has provided warnings to keep us from this moment. No society or culture that has embraced the homosexual agenda has fared well. What God declares an abomination remains an abomination worthy of judgment. The other side of the issue is equally true. God loves those who have, for whatever reason, embraced this lifestyle, and He offers hope and healing. Christians must be willing to offer this love, but should be prepared for a fight—a vicious and brutal fight from the militants in the movement.

fall of RomeI firmly believe that America will pay a heavy price for this decision. It’s just one more instance of spitting in God’s face, declaring as “good” what God calls “evil,” plunging headlong to our own destruction. It’s time for judgment to begin with the household of God. We must repent of our own sin and complacency, seek God above all else, and beg God for mercy.