Are we prepared for the difficult days ahead?


 During a church service I attended recently, the pastor asked thechurch people what topics they would like him to address during the coming year. I listened intently to get a feel for what this congregation felt was important. While the suggestions were all good things, I was struck by the lack of concern for what’s happening to our world, our nation, and the Christian community.

persecutionChristians are being slaughtered around the world in record numbers, and are coming under fire here at home; entire nations are being destroyed; ISIS is on the march; Islamic terrorists are pouring into our country, threatening to destroy us and turn the U.S into an Islamic state; our federal government, agencies, and our military are becoming more anti-Christian; we are spitting in God’s face by legalizing same sex marriage; our leaders are supporting the nation’s largest abortion machine and body parts trafficker; Islam is growing while Christianity is dwindling here at home… I could keep going, but I won’t.

These things, however, didn’t register as important for the church to address. I wondered if the responses I heard represented those of the typical American church. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not criticizing the suggestions. I’m simply saying that I fear that the American church is becoming so isolated and introspective that it is becoming detached from the reality around us – a reality that threatens to undo us.


I realize that I have a unique perspective. I live and breathe thiswatchman of the wall stuff. I’m deeply involved with everything that’s going on. I research it and report it to my readers. I don’t expect everyone else to be as involved as I am. But as a “watchman on the wall,” I have a duty to warn the people. What I’m afraid of is that they may not want to be warned. There is a strong human tendency to feel that if something isn’t affecting me directly right now, I’d rather not think about it. I’ve got my own life to live. It has enough problems of its own.

While common, this is a deadly mindset, especially in times like today. I believe we are in the transitional period between the Church Age and the 70th Week of Daniel. Things are rapidly changing and many, if not most, of the biblical warning signs are upon us. Here are a few from 2 Timothy 3:3-4 that tell us what people will be like in the last days:

Unloving, irreconcilable (Across our nation, protestors are  filled with hate and  have no intention of reconciling with anyone.)

Without self-control, brutal, haters of good (We see this played out every day on the news from terrorists to abortionists.)

Treacherous (More and more of our young men are becoming traitors by joining ISIS)

san bernardino shootingThen there are the “wars and rumors of wars” and the other warning signs from Matthew. 24. The warning signs are all around us. My point is that business as usual isn’t going to cut it any longer. We all must come to grips with the reality around us. The shooting at San Bernardino should wake us up, (but it probably won’t). I wonder what it will take for the churches in America to start dealing with reality and start preparing for what will inevitably come.

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Sometimes it’s better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.