This issue examines Israel’s new sub, the San Bernardino cover-up, the latest PC victims, and more.


Happy Chanukah From CNN: Host Says “Let’s Ban Jews From USA”yellowstar
Debbie Schlussel reports: A CNN host wants all Jews deported from America, and she picked the Jewish holiday of Chanukah to announce it. Oh, and she still has her job. Read more.

Israel’s newest submarine leaves Germany, bound for Haifa

The INS Rahav, Israel's newest submarine, sets off from the German port of Kiel towards Haifa, where it is set to arrive next month, on December 17, 2015. (IDF Spokesperson's Unit)

The INS Rahav, Israel’s newest submarine, sets off from the German port of Kiel towards Haifa, where it is set to arrive next month, on December 17, 2015. (IDF Spokesperson’s Unit) reports: The latest and one of the most expensive weapons in the IDF’s arsenal, the Dolphin-class submarine INS Rahav, set out for Haifa from the German port of Kiel on Thursday, according to a senior naval official. Ordered a decade ago, the Rahav will be Israel’s fifth Dolphin-class submarine, joining the INS Tanin, Tekuma, Leviathan and Dolphin at the Haifa naval base when it arrives next month.  Read more.

Israeli archaeologists find Hebrew inscriptions on ancient slab of marble near Lake Kinneret

Slab of marble with Hebrew inscription found in Kursi. (photo credit:Israel Antiquities Authority)

Slab of marble with Hebrew inscription found in Kursi. (photo credit:Israel Antiquities Authority) reports: The 1,500-year-old slab was dug up by scientists in Kursi, which lies on the eastern shore of Israel’s most important source of drinking water. The finding confirms historians’ belief that the ancient village of Kursi was inhabited either by Jews or Christians. “This is the first indication that there was a Jewish presence, and it reinforces the belief that the town of Kursi was where Jesus performed the ‘Miracle of the Swine.'” Read more.


Obama Unconstitutionally Signing UN Treaty
climate treatyDaily Sanity reports: Obama administration officials are joining nearly 200 other countries and are preparing to sign the United Nations’ new climate change treaty! We the People haven’t read it yet… Congress hasn’t even read it yet… But Obama and his lackeys are going to sign it anyway. Read more.

Major San Bernardino Cover Up Revealed reports: On Thursday, a whistleblower came forward. Phillip Haney, a former Department of Homeland Security investigator, says he could have likely prevented the attacks in San Bernardino if the government had let him do his job. Three years ago, Haney had developed surveillance that revealed a global network of jihadists had infiltrated the United States. Read more.

New Principal Bans Santa, Pledge of Allegiance, and ThanksgivingSanta FREE reports: Eujin Jaela Kim is the new principal of PS 169 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York. The 33-year-old Asian principal has announced that she is doing a politically correct cleansing of her school. Read more.

Obama Set to Sign Deal Allowing Foreign Takeover of America’s Land and Resources
TPP CC with Attrib reports: Once shrouded in secrecy, President Barack Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership is now becoming public, and what we’re discovering is absolutely frightening. Apparently the deal reverses policies in place to protect national security. Chapter 11 of the deal allows foreign investors the rights to acquire American land, businesses, ports, natural resources, infrastructure and other property. Read more.

Barbary wars PD Free

Barbary Wars

Conflict of Interests: US Judge Swears In on Muslim Koran instead of Christian Bible! reports: America was birthed as a Christian nation.  She has been at war with Islam since her conception and Thomas Jefferson warned of the teachings of Islam after studying the Quran to better understand his enemies in the Barbary Wars.  However, as America slips further down the road of judgment, Carolyn Walker-Diallo, a Muslim woman who has become New York’s latest 7th Municipal District Court judge for the Brooklyn Borough, was sworn in on the Quran, not the Bible. Read more.

The Floodgates Are About to Open! Democrats Propose Letting ALL Immigrants in…Including ISIS!!! reports: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has Democrats so spooked by his proposal to temporarily suspend Muslims from entering the U.S. that they are now proposing to let EVERYONE enter the U.S. as a “civil right.” Read more.Muslim woman PAID

Terror-Tied Muslim Group Sponsors Dress Up as A Muslim Event in Chicago High School  
This is a MUST WATCH short video.
Watch video

Loretta Lynch’s Pro-Muslim Rhetoric Stems from Her Own Ties to a Pro-Terrorist Group 
FIRST reports: Attorney General Loretta Lynch recently said that the Department of (IN)Justice would stand with Muslims in the wake of the San Bernardino jihad attacks and stated unequivocally, “When we talk about the First Amendment we [must] make it clear that actions predicated on violent talk are not American.” But beyond the fact that she has engaged in unconstitutional criminal activity, Lynch was also a part of a Jew-hating, Pro-Terrorist Harvard Group. Read more.

Christian Pastor on Trial for Teaching that Islam is Satanic

Surveillance camera caught 2 Muslims doing this terrible thing at Home Depot

More than 30 Muslim Immigrants Implicated in Terrorism

Hillary Clinton Calls Family of the Benghazi Dead… Liars!

Obama Welcomes Hundreds of Thousands of Muslim Refugees but No Room for Christian Refugees!

Muslims Force Maryland School to Ban Christmas Because It Insults Islam

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