This edition looks at Barack Obama- Christian or Muslim?


Is Obama a Christian or a Muslim?
A recent poll taken by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life reveled that 18 percent of Americans say Obama is a Muslim, up from 11 percent levitra best price in March 2009. Meanwhile, the percentage of those who believe the U.S. President is a Christian decreased from 48 percent to 34 percent. Of those believing the President to be a Muslim, 11 percent drew their conclusions from the President”s own words and actions. I would place myself in this category. Nearly 60 percent cite the media. Despite the recent statements by notable evangelicals such as Franklin Graham, I have a hard time believing that Barack Obama has accepted Jesus Christ. Jen Psaki, deputy communications director for the White House, told CNN he is “a committed Christian” and that his Christian faith is part of who he is.

I think Obama”s relationship with the Chicago-based “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright sheds a lot of light on his real leanings. Obama has stated publicly that his association with him for 20 years was as his pastor and religious advisor. According to a recent article by Jerry McConnell, Wright, a known anti-American, was selected to teach Obama the ways of Christianity to cover his true faith of Islam/Muslim in order to fool the American people. Why was Jeremiah Wright selected? According to an article by Ryan Lizza, Senior Editor at The New Republic:
 From Wright and others, Obama learned that part of his problem as an organizer was that he was trying to build a confederation of churches but wasn”t showing up in the pews on Sunday. When pastors asked him the inevitable questions about his own spiritual life, Obama would duck them uncomfortably. A Reverend Philips put the problem to him squarely when he learned that casino spiele Obama didn”t attend services.

“It might help your mission if you had a church home,” he told Obama. “It doesn”t matter where, really. What you”re asking from pastors requires us to set aside some of our more priestly concerns in favor of prophesy. That requires a good deal of faith on our part.  It makes us want to know just where you”re getting yours from.” After many lectures like this, Obama decided to take a second look at Wright”s church. Older pastors warned him that Trinity was for “Buppies”

(black urban professionals) and didn”t have enough street cred [credibility]. But Wright was a former Muslim and black nationalist who had studied at Howard and Chicago, and Trinity”s guiding principles-what the church calls the “Black Value System”-included  a “Disavowal of the Pursuit of Middleclassness.”  


First of all, the White House spin machine has responded to Obama”s lackluster church attendance record by saying that he doesn”t wear his faith on his sleeve and doesn”t want to be a disruption at any church. Really? If he”s a “committed” Christian, he would make regular church attendance a top priority as truly Christian presidents have done, and he would heed the command of Hebrews 10:25 and the warning of Matthew 10:33 (look them up). As for Jeremiah Wright, the way Barack Obama”s ties with him have been ignored and dismissed by the media is unconscionable. Wright”s Black Liberation theology and blatant anti-Americanism were certainly passed on to our President. Both have gone to great lengths to distance themselves (publicly) from their Muslim past and pawn themselves off as Christians. As this article shows, their association is all a ruse to fool the American people. Since the media have chosen to be willing accomplices, we must turn to other sources for the truth. I hope you consider me one of those sources.
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