This edition exposes the funding of mosque refurbishing with your tax dollars and takes another look at Obama”s true religion.


Mosques Restored with Your Money 
Many Americans (myself included) were outraged at President Obama”s recent defense of the “Ground Zero Mosque” project. Even a modicum of research proves the claims that mosques built on non-Muslim soil are nothing less than victory monuments commemorating a conquest on that site. The Cordoba Mosque in Spain and the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem are well known examples. A lesser-known example is the Amr Ebn El Aas Mosque in Cairo, Egypt.  Amr Ebn El Aas was a Muslim leader who led his troops against Christian Egypt in the 7th century. In 642 he built the mosque on the very site where he had pitched his tent before doing battle with Egypt”s Byzantine rulers.

This, however, is not the end of the story. Make sure you”re sitting down. This mosque (and other mosques throughout the Middle East and Africa) has recently been refurbished with your taxpayer dollars. The U.S. government has been a willing participant in these projects under the guise of “preserving culturally significant buildings,” “stimulating the local economy,” and “enhancing a sense of community pride.” 
Let”s put this in perspective. Obama

based his support of the Ground Zero Mosque on the “religious freedom” guaranteed by the Constitution. Clearly, he acknowledges that mosques are “religious” in nature. With our government”s adherence to church-state separation, how can anyone possibly justify spending U.S. taxpayer dollars on mosque renovation anywhere in the world? More specifically, section 205.1(d) of title 22 of the Code of Federal Regulations clearly prohibits U.S. aid funds from being used for the rehabilitation of structures that are used for “inherently religious activities.” For more information, check out the Washington Times article that first exposed the “mosque funding” at Read more about mosques.

As was best online casino the case with Bill Clinton, Barack Obama sees the Constitution as a living, breathing document that can be interpreted differently over time. With the right approach, a clever, smooth talking president can make it seem to support whatever cause he is promoting. Of course, if he had his way, Obama would jettison the entire document in a heartbeat, but that”s a discussion for another day. My point is that this is just one more piece of evidence to support the claim that he is, in fact, a Muslim. Consider the facts. He has appointed Muslims to homeland security posts. He has referred to “his Muslim faith” in a televised interview, and has reassured Muslim audiences (in fluent Arabic) that he is “one of them,” as he quoted frequently from the Qur”an. He shows much more respect for Ramadan than he does for the National Day of Prayer. He appointed a Muslim attorney who specializes in Shariah-compliant finance as a “White House Fellow.” Now, he is using our tax dollars to rebuild mosques.

If he was really a Christian as he claims, you”d think he could find a church home after a year and a half in Washington. xenical drug Instead, his favorite Sunday morning activity takes place on the golf course.


What kind of coffee was served on the Titanic?  Sanka

Why is negotiating with Muslim leaders a bad idea? Listen to an interview I did with TruNews not long ago.

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