This edition looks at the relationship between nations that pray for Israel and the evengelistic successes of those nations, especially in Muslim nations.


Revival Reflects Support for Israel
At a recent international conference in Jerusalem, I heard from several evangelists who had spent considerable cipro purchase online time in Africa and Asia. One reported a very interesting phenomenon. Based on his observations, he concluded that the greatest spiritual awakenings happening today in Africa and Asia are in those churches and areas with a heart for Israel-those who are praying fervently for Israel. Perhaps the most striking example is Indonesia, the nation with the greatest concentration of Muslims in the world. Over 500 Christian leaders have been leading “city prayer” movements through conferences focusing on Israel. As more and more people have been developing a heart for Israel through these conferences, evangelistic efforts are bearing more and more fruit. As a result, recent statistics indicate that 33-36% of Indonesians are now identifying themselves as Christians! While it is impossible to prove that the results are due to praying for Israel, it is logical to connect the dots and draw that conclusion.
China has a similar story. A recent Hong Kong conference drew 5000 lovers of Israel from among the Chinese Church. From the underground church in China has come a movement called “Back to Jerusalem,” a Christian evangelistic campaign to send missionaries to all of the Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim peoples who live “between” China and Jerusalem. Today, Chinese Christians number over 100 million. Recently, the cover of a major Hong Kong magazine displayed a picture of Jesus with the caption “Jesus of Nazareth now has more followers on the mainland than the Communist party.”
The Church in Korea, which has also seen phenomenal growth, has also hosted numerous conferences focusing on praying for Israel. Throughout these conferences, some little children blew the shofar while others sang “Baruch Ha Ba B”shem Adonai” (Blessed is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord). Even Arab countries surrounding Israel are getting in on the action. Muslim background believers) are contacting members of Christian Friends of Israel asking for help in learning how to pray for 6,8 ger 6:5  Don?t Come Bets (vid point) & Odds Bet4,10 ger 2:15,9 ger 2:36,8 ger 5:6Fields Bet2, 12 ger 2:13,4,9,10,11 ger 1:1Buy Bets4 ger 9:55 ger 7:56 ger 7:68 ger 7:69 ger 7:510 ger 9:5Lay Bets4 ger 2:55 ger 4:76 ger 4:58 ger 4:59 ger 4:710 ger 2:5Any 7 Bets5:1Any Craps BetAny 11 BetsAny Craps8:1Craps Two BetCraps Three Bet15:1Craps Twelve30:1Big 6 / Big 81:1Place Bets4,10 ger 9:55,9 ger 7:56,8 ger 7:6”Nytankande ar i hogsta grad vad Casino Room har blivit. Israel. Since a group in Turkey started praying for Israel, they have seen several Muslims come to the Lord.
Groups dedicated to prayer for revival with a focus on Israel have been started in Eastern Afghanistan, Dubay, and Eqypt. As they have prayed, one by one, people have come to them asking for Bibles and information about Jesus. A steady stream of Muslims began giving their lives to the Lord.

These stories display a definite cause and effect that we in America desperately need to recognize. All these are perfect examples of God blessing (spiritually) those nations that bless Israel (Genesis 12:3). God wants to bless in numerous other ways, but He is waiting for people and nations to get on board with His agenda- loving and caring for the land and people of Israel. Those who have bought into Replacement Theology (the belief that the Church has replaced Israel as the recipient of His covenantal promises) have set themselves in direct opposition to God”s

heart and will. Likewise, nations that have taken an anti-Israel foreign policy are identifying themselves as enemies of God. If America”s relationship with Israel isn”t repaired soon, the nation we have known may soon cease to exist.


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