This edition looks at the consequences of a nuclear Iran.


A Nuclear Iran
The threat from Iran grows more serious with each passing day. Israel has no doubt that Iran has a nuclear program and its purpose is military. Five nuclear facilities have been identified. While the nations talk and talk about talking, Iran is approaching her goal. Every day Iran is allowed to proceed brings the Middle East closer to catastrophe. This is frightening in itself, but there”s another dimension. This is exactly what happened just prior to the Holocaust. Nations stood by, talking and doing nothing. It”s difficult for me to imagine how a world so “sophisticated” can watch history being repeated and remain so oblivious at the same time. Now, two new players have joined with Iran- Turkey and Brazil. Turkey isn”t all that surprising considering the anti-Israel and anti-West leaning of the new government. Brazil is more surprising, yet both nations have boldly taken a pro-Iran stance.
This new alliance coupled with the world”s failure to take substantive action against Iran places Israel in a very difficult position. Should she do what no other nation has the guts to do, or should she exercise restraint? President Ahmadinejad”s speech at the UN Disarmament Conference left no doubt as to his intentions. If Israel chooses a preemptive strike, as she did in the “67 War, the effects would be felt worldwide, especially economically. The general condition of the Middle East is fragile, at best. Many nations have uncovered assassination plots against their leaders.
If Iran succeeded in completing its nuclear program, the entire Middle East situation would change dramatically. Syria, Hamas, and Hezbollah would likely become emboldened. Hezbollah has the best trained and the best armed militia in the entire Middle East. It has, in fact, more weapons than most nations, and it can easily strike anywhere in Israel. Many of these weapons came and still come through Syria, a fact that Israel knows well. Israel, likewise, has the fire power to quickly bring about the prophecy of Isaiah 17: the complete destruction of Damascus.

Anyone who knows anything about Islam knows that you can”t negotiate successfully with a Muslim leader, especially one like President

Ahmadinejad. He laughs and mocks the world”s wimpy responses to his threats. God will protect those who love what He loves. He will protect those nations who will boldly defend the apple of His eye, Israel. Instead of constantly reacting to what Ahmadinejad does, America should be focusing on rebuilding its relationship with Israel. If we did, I believe that the God of Israel (the God of the Bible) would deal with female viagra alternative Ahmadinejad.


An invisible man marries an invisible woman. The kids were nothing to look at either.

Why is negotiating with Muslim leaders a bad idea? Listen to an interview I did with TruNews not long ago.

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