This issue reveals the reality of peace in Israel, Obama”s pledge to Saudi Arabia, the plans of the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy America, The Palestinian Authority”s commitment to promoting hatred for Israel, and new Lebanon-Syrian unification against Israel.


As the peace talks were about to begin in Washington, the reality of peace in the Middle east was vividly displayed last Tuesday when two Israeli couples were savagely murdered while driving near Hebron in the West Bank. After riddling the car with bullets, the gunmen shot all the passengers at close range. One of the female murder victims was pregnant. The ambush seems to be a deliberate attempt to sabotage the Washington peace talks. Hamas released a statement claiming responsibility for the “heroic action” as thousands of Palestinians celebrated the murders.
The supposed “crime” of the victims is clear- being Jewish. The vicious attack shows the ugly reality that Jews in Israel face. No supposed peace agreement will nullify the hatred that threatens Israeli Jews on a daily basis. If the Obama administration really desired Cheapest propecia prescription a peace that wasn”t at Israel”s expense, it would focus on the blatant hatred against Israelis instead of preventing Israel from building homes for its people in its own territory.
Jerusalem Prayer Team reports
The Obama Plan for peace is actually Israel”s death warrant in disguise. The President personally promised King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia that he would force Israel to give up Judea, Samaria and a large part of Jerusalem next year. This is a direct attack on the prophecy of God and it will bring a horrible curse on America if the President succeeds.


Conservative Action Alerts reports
In November 2008 a Federal Court for the Northern District of Texas found the defendants guilty of raising $ 12 million in donations from trusting Americans to the Holy land Foundation. Holy Land Foundation turned out to be a front for collecting and sending money to Hamas, an organization based in Gaza and classified as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government.

During the trial, a vast array of secret documents of the Muslim Brotherhood came to light, which the defendant acknowledged as original. They laid bare the Brotherhood”s use of “front” civic organizations. One of the documents produced and acknowledged as original was an “Explanatory Memorandum” authored by Mohamed Akram, and dated May 22, 1991. The memorandum calls for the Muslim faithful in America to engage in “a kind of Jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilizations from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house…”

It refers to the need to present “Islam as a civilization alternative” and states that “It is a Muslim”s destiny to perform Jihad…” The Federal Judge on this case was so outraged by the evidence presented that he ordered the list of 302 Unindicted Co-Conspirators to be published on the Court”s web site. You can still find it there today on the Internet.

David Zauber reports
Palestinian Media Watch reported on Monday that the official PA [Palestinian Authority] TV channel continues to teach hatred of Israel and Jews through its children”s programming in violation of past agreements. On one of its flagship programs, The Best Home, the host asks children if they have ever visited the “1948 occupied cities,” such as Haifa, Jaffa, Lod, Ramle and Acre, none of which are in the West Bank or GAZA. “We hope all children of Palestine will be able to go to the occupied territories, which we don”t know and have never been able to see,” concludes the host. PA TV is controlled by the office of PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas. See related video report at:

Lebanese Prime Minister Sa”ad Hariri paid a visit to Syrian President Bashar Assad in Damascus on Monday, with the apparent result of an agreement on “coordination between the two countries in all fields,” including military confrontation against Israel. According to the official SANA news agency, Assad urged Hariri to support the Iranian backed Shi”ite terror militia Hizbullah and for him to join Syria and Hizbullah in “resistance against foreign threats.” In a related development, the daily Ash-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper reported on Sunday that France will continue to supply the Lebanese Armed Forces with money, weapons and equipment despite Israeli and US requests to halt such assistance.

Two church mice stood at a neighbor”s mouse hole announcing,

“We”d like to talk to you about cheeses.”

Why is negotiating with Muslim leaders a bad idea? Listen to an interview I did with TruNews not long ago.

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