This edition looks at Temple Mount plans, comments on the peace process, the Ground Zero Imam”s big lie, Iran”s secret “nuke deals,” and Arab opinions regarding the Ground Zero Mosque.


The Last Days reports
A recent article that was published in the leading journal of religious law in Israel has sparked a great deal of debate in the Jewish community about the possibility of sharing the Temple Mount. The article in “Tehumin” discussed the potential for making the Temple Mount into “God”s Holy Mountain” – a “house of prayer” for all people (Isaiah 56:7). Of course, to many Jews and Christians such a concept would be a blatant abomination, but there are religious authorities in Israel that are taking this idea very seriously.

Jerry Golden reports
A friend here in Jerusalem asked me recently what I thought about the Peace Process.  My answer was a surprise, even to me. “There is no Peace Process” I told him – “There is only a staged process to destroy Israel and kill the Jewish people, nothing has changed since Hitler and his final solution.”  The Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians” will never accept a Jewish state. They will never give up their desire to have Jerusalem as their “Palestinian cymbalta coupon Capital,” and they will never give up on the “right of return” for all the Arab refugees to take over Israel. They will never give up on displacing over 300,000 Jews from Judea and Samaria (West Bank).

The irony is that Netanyahu knows all this; yet because of pressure from Obama and the UN he feels it necessary to play their silly and fatal game by going along with this so-called peace talk with Abbas. But Obama is not the only pressure point. Bibi has also to contend with it from within his own coalition.

The danger with Netanyahu is that we know he has crumbled under pressure before while sitting in the office of Prime Minister, and the fear of that happening again is on the mind of every Zionist Jew in Israel.


Imam Rauf Caught Lying
I have written often about the Islamic doctrines permitting lying to conceal one”s true intentions. Imam Rauf (Ground Zero mosque) recently provided proof that these doctrines are still alive and well. He recently proclamed publically that he was a loyal American and as proof of his loyalty he said he always votes: “I vote in elections, I pay taxes, I pledge allegiance to the flag, and I am a Giants fan — I am glad they won yesterday,” Rauf quipped.The New York Post researched the Board of Election voting record, discovering that he has not voted since 2001. In fact, he isn”t even registered casino online to vote. Where is the outrage? Read more about mosques.

The Last Days reports
Iran is reportedly close to reaching a deal to clandestinely import 1,350 tons of purified uranium ore from Kazakhstan. This deal would be in direct defiance of U.N. Security Council sanctions. Reports also indicate that Iran is willing to pay approximately 450 million dollars for the shipment. The price for the shipment was apparently so high because of the need to keep the deal secret and because of the risk that the world community would find out about it. But now the world community has found out about it. reports
The Palestinian newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida dated 09 September 2010 reported how the PA Ambassador to Lebanon, Abdallah Abdallah, has this month assured the Arab world that current “direct negotiations” are just part of a larger plan to delegitimize Israel. Abdallah is quoted as saying, notably in Arabic, that “…the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations…are not a goal, but rather another stage in the Palestinian struggle… to isolate Israel, to tighten the noose on it, to threaten its legitimacy, and to present it as a rebellious, racist state.”

Vision to America reports
Here”s a fact you”re not likely to see on tonight”s evening news broadcasts: According to a recent poll, Arabs living abroad are more likely to be opposed to the “Ground Zero Mosque” than the American media are. According to a recent survey by the Arabic online news service Elaph (Arabic version here), 58 percent of Arabs think the construction should be moved elsewhere. And according to a Media Research Center study released last week, 55 percent of network news coverage of the debate has come down on the pro-Mosque side.


I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather, not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.

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