In this issue: Isis Threatens Christians in Israel, new terror tunnels in Gaza, what Puerto Rico’s default means for America, and more.


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ISIS Threatens to Slaughter Christians in Israel if They Don’t “Evacuate” Before Ramadan’s End
ISIS is also threatening to take over the Temple Mount. reports: The Islamic State (ISIS) has appeared in Jerusalem, with fliers attributed to the terror group being posted in the Holy City, reported Israeli media over the weekend. According to Israel’s Channel 10, the fliers were posted as early as Thursday. ISIS does not have an operational presence in Israel, but many Islamists support the terror group, with dozens of Arab citizens joining the fighting in Iraq and Syria. Earlier this month, rocket fire from Gaza into Israel was blamed on these supporters, allegedly attempting to stir up unrest between Israel and Hamas. Read more.

White House lights up after gay marriage ruling. (photo credit:REUTERS)

White House lights up after gay marriage ruling. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Lutheran pastor says Jews to blame for destroying Christian values after US approves gay marriage reports: Mark Dankof, a Lutheran pastor and political activist, declared the Jews to blame for the Supreme Court’s ruling on Friday which declared any law to ban gay marriage unconstitutional. Speaking to reporters from Iran’s Press TV, Dankof insisted that Jewish influence and money were being used to destroy Christian culture and values globally. Read more.

Tunnel terrorWATCH: Gaza Jihadi group reveals new terror tunnels in underground video report reports: A year after the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, the al-Aqsa Brigades published a video from inside a terror tunnel allegedly leading from Gaza to the Israeli border. Read more.


Puerto Rico Is Our Greece and More Fallout Is Coming
Puerto Rico has AT LEAST $73 Billion in debt and they can’t pay it back.flag Puerto Rico reports: Puerto Rico has economic disadvantages. Energy prices are high and there are other challenges. So what did Congress do? Congress made Puerto Rican bonds available completely tax free. This should have caused an immediate alarm to investors. After all, if Congress is doing special favors to make bonds look attractive, then that must mean that Puerto Rican bonds are otherwise unattractive. In many cases reducing taxes causes growth, but in this case, the growth was the expansion of unsustainable debt… The problem is we have a population in Puerto Rico and virtually all fifty states that simply do not believe that math matters… Detroit is already there. Soon Chicago, and Illinois, and other cities and states are going to join Puerto Rico even as Greece collapses and then other EU countries follow. Read more.

What would happen if churches were no longer tax-exempt?

What would happen if churches were no longer tax-exempt?

Are Churches and Nonprofits in Danger of Losing Tax Exempt Status? reports: New York Times columnist Mark Oppenheimer calls to end tax exemptions for all religious organizations. He cites the recent ruling on same-sex marriage as the reason for a reexamination of the “tax exempt” classification. Read more.

Global support for ISIS includes up to 42M Muslims, group claimsisis support reports: Global support for ISIS may be much bigger than previously known, according to a new report that found as many as 42 million Muslims around the world have positive feelings about the black-clad army of barbarians that established a so-called caliphate in Syria and Iraq last year. Read more.

protesters burn US flag, LA 2000 Outrage Alert! Activists Promote Event to Burn American Flags reports: An activist group is planning to burn American flags in Fort Greene Park in response to the shooting deaths of nine church-goers in Charleston earlier this month – and they’re asking attendees to bring their own flags to burn. How can this act of violence possibly help? Read more.

Death toll in Sinai rises to 50 as jihadists attack Egypt’s army

An Egyptian Air Force fighter jet (screen capture: YouTube)

An Egyptian Air Force fighter jet (screen capture: YouTube) reports: Islamic militants on Wednesday unleashed a wave of simultaneous attacks, including suicide car bombings, on Egyptian army checkpoints in the restive northern Sinai Peninsula, killing at least 50 soldiers, security and military officials said. The coordinated morning assaults in Sinai came a day after Egypt’s president pledged to step up the battle against Islamic militants and two days after the country’s state prosecutor was assassinated in the capital, Cairo. Read more.

Iran Threatens To Unleash Nukes On U.S.

What Companies Have Gone Gay Now?

Rivlin: Ramadan has become month of worldwide terror

Supreme Court Upholds Voter Fraud

Feds Predicted Surge of Illegals, See Another 127,000 This Year

950 Hezbollah operatives, 300 Hamas members in Germany – intelligence report

Texas, Other States Resist Complying With Gay Marriage Edict

Bombshell! Fox News Has Proof that Hillary Clinton is Guilty of Multiple Felonies!

Think Tank: Iran is already cheating on nuclear deal


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