This issue looks at the Iran deal, Planned Parenthood, Obama’s latest illegal move, and more.

Jews romania

Jewish community members from Romania hold Torah scrolls during the inauguration ceremony for the Holocaust memorial in Bucharest October 8, 2009. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Survey suggests strong popular support for ‘Jew-free’ Romania reports: Nearly a quarter of Romanian respondents on a survey on Jews said their country should have no Jewish residents. Eleven percent described Jews as “a problem for Romania” whereas 22 percent said they would like them only as tourists. Romania used to have a Jewish population of over 750,000 before its pro-Nazi regime, led by Ion Antonescu, collaborated in the murder of about half of Romanian Jewry in the Holocaust. His troops also massacred 120,000 Jews in present-day Ukraine. Read more.

Obama: If Congress kills Iran deal, rockets will fall on Tel Aviv
rocket reports: If the US Congress shoots down the Iranian nuclear deal, America will eventually be pressured into a military strike against Tehran’s nuclear facilities, which will in turn increase terror against Israel, US President Barack Obama told Jewish leaders Tuesday, a source who was present at the meeting said. Read more.

News from The Israel Project
Iran has conveyed a message to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) that it would consider the imposition of new sanctions, whether nuclear-related or not, as grounds to “reconsider its commitments” under the nuclear deal.

A new poll released today shows that Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to the pending nuclearIranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad deal with Iran. 57 percent of Americans surveyed in a Qunnipiac University poll said that they disapprove of the deal, more than twice as many as the 28 percent in favor.

According to a report in Bloomberg View on Thursday, a senior diplomatic advisor to French President Francois Hollande told two members of Congress that if Congress rejected the deal, the P5+1 could get a better agreement with Iran.

Senators from both parties left a closed-door meeting today [Friday] with the UN’s nuclear agency today upset by the agency’s lack of clarity, raising more questions than they had going in,The Hill reported.


U.S. Presidential Race 2016
See what all the nominees are saying about Iran, ISLAMIST RADICALISM, the threat at home and much more.

gay-anti-speechSo it Begins – American Pastors Banned from Calling Homosexuality “Sin”! reports: The state of Kentucky has apparently begun implementing a new rule for any religious leaders working as a counselor in their youth programs that prohibits volunteers from talking about homosexuality as a “sin.” It’s an odd religious test to impose upon religious volunteers when they can continue speaking on other matters of faith, and it seems specifically designed to use as a tool against Christian clergy. Read more.

Traumatized Yazidis Find Healing, Salvation in Christ

Displaced people in Iraq receive aid from a Christian ministry

Displaced people in Iraq receive aid from a Christian ministry reports: A year ago this week the Islamic State (ISIS) slaughtered hundreds of defenseless Yazidis and other civilians in Iraq and abducted many others. One year later, many Yazidis have put their faith in Christ.  Read more.

Guess Who Was The Best Man At John Kerry’s Daughter’s Wedding
kerry reports: Maybe you don’t know that in 2009 the daughter of Secretary of State John Kerry, Dr. Vanessa Bradford Kerry, married an Iranian physician named Dr. Brian Vale Nahed. Well, I am sure no mainstream media reported this. Guess who was the best man at the wedding? Mohammad Javad Zarif. Let me explain who’s Mr. Zarif. Zarif is the current minister of foreign affairs. He was Kerry’s chief counterpart in the nuclear deal negotiations. I am not kidding! This is CRAZY! Read more.

Supporting Planned Parenthood is Supporting Eugenicsmargaret sanger reports: In developed countries such as the United States, the highest abortion rates occur, naturally, where abortion clinics are situated. Nearly four-fifths of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics are located next to black or Latino neighborhoods, in keeping with Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s goal of reducing the population of non-whites and anyone who is poor. Read more.

Obama Violates Judge’s Order into Extortion 17 Probe on 4th Anniversary of Shoot Down  extortion reports: August 6, 2011 will forever burn in the memory of the families who lost loved ones aboard Extortion 17. Extortion 17 was shot down with 30 American military personnel, including almost two dozen Navy SEALS, by Taliban jihadists in Afghanistan. However, it is all the evidence that points to a cover-up that continues to cause many of us to demand justice for those killed onboard. Now, the Obama administration is violating a judge’s order concerning documents that pertain to the downing of Extortion 17.  Read more.

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