Learn what Pope Francis’s recent encyclical has to do with you.
My June 27 post included an article entitled “Global Political Authority To Save Humanity.” Today Ipope francis waving would like to dig deeper into the implications for the Pope’s recent encyclical. I suggest that you click the link and read the article if you missed it. The title of the encyclical should get the immediate attention of anyone who knows his Bible and has come to understand the tactics of our world’s power brokers. For years we’ve been pointed to a coming New World

Courtesy of endtimeinfo.com

Courtesy of endtimeinfo.com

Order that is supposedly necessary to deal with the multitude of earth’s problems. This, or course, sound a lot like the One World Government described in Revelation. The great barrier to bringing this about is the current sovereignty of nations, each with its own government. What the world needs to move the idea along is a crisis, real or imaginary, that is such a threat that all nations must unite to win the battle for the planet’s survival. It has to be something affecting every nation from the largest to the smallest.


First, it was global warming. If we don’t do something to stop the effects of carbon emissions, the polarglobal warming hoax icecaps will melt and we’ll all drown, or perhaps we’ll just die of prolonged heat stroke. When the data didn’t support the claim, a two-pronged approach was needed. First, “scientists” had to be convinced to fudge the data to produce the desired outcome, much like the recent Supreme Court decisions have done. Of course, scientific-sounding reasons must be manufactured to make it sound like the “adjustments” to the hard data were necessary to produce more meaningful data. The second approach was to change the narrative to be more palatable. “Climate change” is more comprehensive. That way, any severe temperatures, high or low, can be blamed on man’s reckless irresponsibility.

Once those two were firmly in place, the narrative had to be pounded into the public’s psyche with incessant regularity, ridiculing all who deny the “scientific evidence” as sub-human morons. The message must not stop and it must come from all directions. If religion and morality can be appealed to, all the better. Saving the planet becomes or religious duty and our moral obligation.

agenda 21Once climate change is seen as the greatest threat to our existence, and action is taken, the other parts of the real agenda come into play. My series on Agenda 21 deals with this. It involves making the wealthy industrialized nations pay for their greater contributions to the pollution problem with the less industrialized nations as beneficiaries. It’s all about wealth redistribution to create a more level playing field so no one nation is powerful enough to even think about going against a new global political authority that has been established to ensure success and fairness (as those in power see it).

It seems as though the UN’s “Sustainable Development” Agenda to be launched in September will thrustUN Emblem 2 - Copy the Pope’s dream into high gear on a global level. It appears that it will have some radical means to its end and will be much more comprehensive, incorporating poverty, agriculture, education and gender equality. How it all plays out remain to be seen, but we can expect that the biggest loser will be the United States. Our sovereignty will be threatened and our industrial productivity will be attacked.

great harlotThen there’s the issue of the Great Harlot and Mystery Babylon described in Revelation. The Bible points to some sort of revived Roman Empire being at the center of the action. Is Pope Francis opening the door to the drama of Revelation? We can’t say for sure, but we can connect enough of the dots to see the general outline of what is taking shape. All this represents even more evidence that we are entering the Last Days. Jews and Christians can expect things to get difficult. If you haven’t been convinced of this, the Supreme Court’s recent decision on marriage should remove all doubt.

While all this can be frightening, it can also be very exciting, provided we’re rightly related to God through His Son and are pursuing a dynamic and intimate relationship with our Lord. It’s time to recognize the idols we have been serving, forsake them, ask forgiveness, and seek a relationship with God above all else. What are our idols? Answer this question honestly and you’ll quickly find out:
If I had _______________ or if ____________________ would happen, my life would be great.
Put another way, what is it that would solve my most pressing problem?   Where does my mind most often go?

It probably isn’t a bad thing in itself, but it becomes a problem when we want something or someoneidol more that we want God. He demands and deserves to be at the top of the list, not just on paper, but in real life. If we want anything more that we want God Himself, we’ve made it an idol. I’ve taken this little rabbit trail from the topic of this article for a good reason. We have entered a time when we must make Jesus Christ and His interests our absolute top priority, above our health, our family, our jobs, our ministry etc. I believe God will use those who are sold out to Him in a profound way in the coming days. It won’t matter what the Pope says or what the UN does. Their influence will be only what God grants to them. Our concern should be what God is calling us to say and do.

Islam and the Last daysIn my book, Islam and the Last Days, I present four possible roles Islam will play in the Last Days. The Catholic Church plays a vital role in two of the options and they are worth studying in light of the Pope’s recent encyclical. One way or another, things are going to get very interesting in the coming days. Are you ready? Click here to learn how you can become a child of God and, therefore, can be confident no matter what happens.



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