America, Islam and Israel

I speak for those Americans who are optimistic that President Trump will continue his support for Israel, and continue to undo the damage done by the Obama administration. I also speak for those who are alarmed at the growing threats to America. ISIS has been seriously crippled, but not destroyed. Radical Muslims are methodically advancing their plans to destroy America from within through what they call “civilization jihad.” The hatred from the Left against the President, Conservatives, and Christians has crippled our ability to govern. Here are some questions Americans are asking:

Has America’s moral decline caused God to remove His hand of protection?

What is God saying through the Covid-19 pandemic?

Are Christians in America about to experience persecution?

Why is Israel important to America?

How will America be permanently be changed by the events of 2020?

What is the gun control debate really all about?

Are we in the the last days?

What role will Islam play in the last days?

Will the Antichrist be a Muslim?

What does the Bible say about Israel, Islam, and America in the end times?

Is negotiating with Muslims a good idea?

Why is globalism a threat to America?

Who are America’s real enemies? 

Why has the Church been so ineffective in changing the culture?

Will Israel Survive?

I deal with these and other thought-provoking questions in my blogs and newsletters. Some focus on current events. Others deal with your questions. Some of my posts come from my books, my ongoing research, or the testimony of history. Others come from my contacts around the world, especially those in the Middle East. They provide me with inside information you are not likely to hear on the evening news.

Clearly, people are desperate for reliable sources and insightful commentary, especially regarding Israel, Islam, the last days, as well as living the victorious Christian life in a chaotic world. They want to know what’s really going on within Israel and the Islamic world and how it affects them. Few, if any, current events are truly isolated. I connect the dots and reveal the big picture. I also try to present a “heavenly” perspective regarding what’s happening in our world so we can focus on the right things and not be overcome by all the bad news.

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